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Being stagnant is not an option. Come collaborate and grow with us!

Collaboration was once viewed as a negative concept in business. Now, it is more valued than ever before. It has been said that “no man is an island,” but we don’t believe businesses should be “islands” either!

Our goal is to provide each individual and business that enters our doors with valuable tools and resources to help them go confidently in a direction that leads to success. As a business owner, you should have everything you need in your toolbelt to confidently pave your unique path.

Our collaborating business partners are individually owned and operated. Each partner is a valued member of the collaboration. We cheer each other on. We provide each other with our knowledge and expertise to drive each individual business’s success. We each participate in the collaboration’s events to help you add to your ever growing tool belt.


the action of working with someone to produce or create something


One Degree is the home for all the following organizations:

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One Degree Collaboration grew from the following organizations which aid individuals and businesses with their success:

The Skills for L.I.F.E. Foundation empowers transitioning service members, spouses, and veterans to adapt to civilian life, offering resources for emotional, social, personal, and professional growth, creating a support network providing a smoother transition for veterans and their families.

We provide workshops, delivered in person, via phone, or video online preparing, mentoring, and coaching transitioning citizens.

There are millions of job openings in today’s workforce, however, the gap between what a company needs and the skills employees have exists. With the knowledge of Zig Zigler, Stephen Covey, Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Dale Carnegie, and more, AVA helps individuals and teams identify their SUPER (Hard + Soft) Skills to cross the Skills Gap and walk the path to success.

Each year AVA facilitates thousands of hours of LIVE customized, L.I.F.E. changing workshops at your location or a location near you.