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TRIUNE Light is an innovative company that believes in a harmonious work environment through understanding and respecting of differences that make us all unique. Our purpose is to invoke collaboration from each member of a team, to develop a mutual set of morals, and values that each member can embrace. We strive to leave all environments with the inspiration of seeing humanity, humility, and humbleness through the actions of others. I would be amidst if I forgot the key ingredient, which is Laughter. I have found that laughter tends to invoke that “Aha” moment in a person’s life. When you can laugh and say, “oh that is me, my dad, or my friend”, this is when changing lives starts changing culture. As you invest in that change you become an inspiration that will inspire others to do the same.

When a company has a proven record built on trust, a cooperative environment is easier to imagine.TRIUNE Light provides onsite training, education, and a refreshing perspective on sensitive topics such as Diversity, Equal Employment Opportunity, Sexual Harassment, and the Patsy Mink Law (Title IX) in today’s workplace. We incorporate a unique training platform that individually conforms to your professional development concerns in which will address your work environment stressors. We focus on the humanity, humility, and compassion in all of our training. Let TRIUNE Light shift your culture. Not just a superficial shift, but a Paradigm shift of the mind into your professional development training.

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